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  • INVEST IN TOULOUSE : Toulouse's commitment to promote Hydrogen

    09h10 - 09h30

    Toulouse city presentation: the actions carried out locally to accelerate economic development and the deployment of hydrogen around the world.

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  • PRISTINE ENERGY : Forward Thinking: Pristine Energy Tackling the Global Energy Transition

    09h30 - 10h00
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  • NH2E : Deep-seated natural hydrogen

    10h00 - 10h30

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so why not on earth? The fact is, variousstudies suggest that this is likely the case! This presentation will describe information which suggests that the interior of our planet is rich in hydrogen, how it got there and the implications ofa virtually unlimited hydrogen reservoir, inside of the Earth.

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  • HYDROMA : The vision of a pioneer in natural hydrogen

    11h00 - 11h30
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  • 45-8 Energy : Chasing helium and natural hydrogen… The successful approach ?

    11h30 - 12h00

    45-8 ENERGY is a France based company dedicated to the exploration and production of strategic industrial gases which are essential to the ecological and energy transition, such as helium and natural hydrogen.

    Thanks to this workshop, 45-8 ENERGY explains why chasing helium and natural hydrogen seems to be the successful approach and how they succeed in it.


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  • HYDROMA : Geophysical Surveys for Natural Hydrogen on the Volcanic Sill called “Crawling Baby”

    14h30 - 15h00

    Presentation of various surveys used to define the hydrogen accumulation in Mali:
    - Airborne Gravity and magnetic survey
    - Deep Passive Seismic
    - Stratigraphic drilling
    - Shallow Seismic, Resistivity, Land gravity and mag surveys, Geochemistry
    - 10 Day Production Well Test
    - Surface geology
    - Development drilling


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  • HYNAT : Can natural hydrogen bring a new model of cooperation between countries and operators ?

    15h00 - 15h30

    Round table on the question : can natural hydrogen bring a new model of cooperation between countries and operators ? 

    Worskop organized by HYNAT with Michael F.LEVY, VP R&D AAQIUS/HYNAT  and Alain PRINZHOFER CTO HYNAT. 
    With the participation of Nicolas PELISSIER, CEO 45-8 Energy and Pierre LEVIN, CTO BEAM/HETHOS 

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  • Chapman Petroleum Engineering : The Bourakebougou Natural Hydrogen Discovery Well

    15h30 - 16h00

    A short history of the world’s first natural hydrogen producing well bore called Gazbougou #1:
    - How it was drilled and caught fire
    - How it nearly burned down the village
    - How it was brought under control
    - How it stayed quiet for nearly thirty years
    - How it was reactivated, tested, and tied up to a power generator


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