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Stephane AVER



Stéphane   Aver   graduated   from   the Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris   I)   with   a   specialisation   in   business administration, banking and finance. He has over 25 years of experience in creating and implementing value-enhancement strategies,  M&A  and  asset  sales  with  large  multinationals  in the  field  of  high-efficiency  /  high  added-value  technologies. (AUDI,RENAULT,PSA,FCA,FORD,GM,BMW,TOYOTA,HONDA,…)(ECIA,BERTRANDFAURE,GIATINDUSTRIES,THOMSON,GEFCO,KÜHNE&NAGEL,FAURECIA,RHODIA-SOLVAY,PLASTICOMNIUM,VISTEON,IBIDEN,TYK,DELPHI,SIEMENS,…).In  2006,  he  founded  and  became Chairman  of  Aaqius,  a company   specialising   in   the   creation   and   deployment worldwide     of innovative     CO2-reduction     technological standards. He developed high-impact relationships with OEMs and  Tier1s  through  the  use  of  disruptive  licensing  business models. Aaqius became a key solutions partner for emissions controls with market-leading DPF and SCR 2015, launch of the Natural Hydrogen department within the Aaqius research center with a view to developing a new activity focused on research, exploration, exploitationandprocessing of native hydrogen under the brand and the company HYNAT.In  2017,  Aaqius  spun-off Stor-H  Technologies. Launched after 8 years of R&D within Aaqius, Stor-H is a new zero-CO2energy standard that powers urban & light mobility through the use   of   a   disruptive   and   proprietary   hydrogen   storage technology. This innovation has received the full support of the Moroccan  authorities,  the  Chinese  central  government,  the state  of  Dubaï, the  French  government  and  the  Vietnamese government. In   2017,   he   founded AALPS   Capital,   a   French   asset management  company,  with  an  innovative  fund  dedicated  to Green energy and the mobility sector on a global scale.  It has already   been   certified   by   theFrench   Financial   Market Authority.In 2018, Stéphane Aver became President of the Transitions Foundation,  under  the  auspices  of FACE(Fondation  Agir Contre l’Exclusion),  a  recognized  public-interest  organization chaired  by Mr. Gérard Mestrallet,  former  Chairman  of  Engie.  He is also afounding member of the Mediterranean Climate Housebased in Tangiers.Stéphane Aver is a member of the Prospective & Innovation Foundation,  chaired  by  Jean-Pierre  Raffarin,  the  former French Prime Minister.  Stéphane Aver is also a member of the Board   of   Directors   of   the Franco-Arab   Chamber   of Commercesince  2016  and  member  of BOAO  Forumfor Asia,  chaired  byBan  Ki-moon,  the  8th Secretary  General  of the United Nations.

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