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Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme, IEA

CEA (French Public Research Institute) employee, I am focussed on renewables, Hydrogen and fuel cells since 2001

From 2020: CEA Expert on energy system, in charge of mid and long term prospective for energy technologies and energy systems

From 2017 to now : Chair of ExCo IEA Hydrogen TCP since 2017, an IEA Collaboration agreement gathering 25 countries plus 6 sponsors. Secondee at IEA for 4 monthes to contribute to IEA Hydrogen report to be delivered in June 2019 for G20 summit.

2017-2020 Deputy director of Capenergies, a french energy cluster managing a network of more than 500 SMEs, Industrial companies, laboratories, local authorities, education organisation and focussed on promoting and enhancing innovation on low carbon technologies, energy efficiencies, smart energy grid, hydrogen, renewables.

International expertise and network: Review of international reports, communications and conferences in many countries, Review or participation in national Road Map exercices or strategies, Member of different scientific committees

Past activities:

External and international  responsabilities since 2001:

Creation and Chairman of N.ERGHY, now Hydrogen Europe Research, Member of the Governing Board of the JTI FCH JU(from 2008 to 2016)  

Vice-Chair of AFHYPAC French hydrogen and fuel cell association  from 2005 to 2016, member of AFHYPAC governing Board today

2013-2016: Director of ANRT/Futuris French national Plat form dedicated to analysis and studies of french system of higher education, research and innovation.  

2001-2009: Former CEA Programme Director (2005-2009) of New Technologies for Energy research programme: on hydrogen and fuel cells, batteries, biofuels and solar.

Head of technology transfer and licensing at Military division of CEA from 1997 to 2000

Head of a Research Thermal Spraying laboratory at CEA (1989-1997)20 people, organisation of an international conference ITSC  

Thermohydraulic engineer  at Framatome for nuclear plant PWR from 1985 to 1989

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