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Olivier LHOTE

Special Advisor Hydrogen


Olivier Lhote is director of the natural hydrogen project at Engie and coordinates various exploration projects, particularly in Brazil and France, and research subjects, particularly around the kinetics and behavior of hydrogen in the subsurface. He previously worked in the technical department of the Hydrogen Business Unit on storage (surface and subsurface) and transport (gas pipelines, liquefaction and hydrogen carrier molecules) activities for industrial and R&D projects for hydrogen production by electrolysis powered with renewable energies. Previously, he spent most of his activity in the gas sector in exploration-production, first as an engineer with Total in Africa and in Europe, then with Engie in various positions as project manager, asset manager, portfolio manager of assets, and responsible for all Geosciences activities of Engie’s upstream activities mainly located in Northern Europe and North Africa, including direct management of exploration.

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