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Director Durham Energy Institute and Chair in Geoenergy Carbon Capture & Storage - Department of Earth Sciences


Jon Gluyas is a geoscientist with 28 years’ experience in the petroleum industry and 11 years’ experience in academia.  He is the current Executive Director of Durham Energy Institute.  Jon began working like with BP working around the globe and from exploration into production geosciences.  After time with mid-cap companies Monument and Lasmo, Jon formed Acorn Oil and Gas, the first company ever to redevelop a completely abandoned North Sea oilfield.  Acorn was sold and substantial equity raised to fund Fairfield Energy but in late 2009 Jon left the industry to take up the newly sponsored chair (by Ørsted and Ikon Science) in Geoenergy & CCS at Durham University UK.  Jon’s research since joining Durham has covered enhanced oil and gas recovery using CO2, carbon geostorage (CCS), geothermal energy, human induced seismicity and using the skills developed in industry, lithium, helium and now ‘gold’ hydrogen exploration.  Unable to completely leave behind the commercial world, Jon has since leaving Fairfield founded a further six companies including several helium exploration companies.  Jon has served as president of the Earth Science Teachers Association and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain as well as chairman of the British Geological Survey Board.  He currently sits on the strategic advisory panel for energy for UK Research and Innovation and has just been appointed as the first president of the recently formed Geothermal Energy Advancement Association.  In summary Jon has spent two thirds of a career getting carbon out of the ground and the most recent third trying to put it back in.

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