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High Geology School – Université de Lorraine

Double affiliation in research :

Institute of Mathematics Elie Cartan, Nancy

Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert – Sorbonne Université, Paris


Education : Two diploma "Ms. sci" :

in Reservoir Engineering (Moscow Petroleum School)

in Applied Mathematics (Moscow University of Applied Maths)


Doctor’s degrees :

Ph.D in Reservoir Engineering (1983, Moscow)

Dr d'Etat in Fluid Mechanics (1993, Moscow)


Career :

1980 – 2000:

Oil and Gas Research Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences).

Vice-director of the Institute and Laboratory head

2000 – pres.

University of Lorraine, professor

Head of the department Reservoir Engineering and Hydrodynamics (IHR)


Publications :

83 papers in international indexed reviews

4 monographs

More than 100 papers in conference proceedings

15 papers on Underground Hydrogen

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