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Associated Researcher

University of Bern. Rock–Water Interaction Group.

Eric C. Gaucher is an expert in geochemistry with 100 scientific papers. He is working now at the University of Bern. His work is primarily focused on Water/Rock/Gas interactions from lab scale to basin scale using experimental, field or numerical modeling results. Understand the behavior of CO2(g) in sediments remains one of his main research objectives (diagenesis, CO2 Storage, clay stability…). But he is also working on abiotic gases (H2, CH4) in natural systems mainly linked to serpentinization. Before 9 years in the industry (TOTAL R&D 2012-2021), he worked as a head of research unit at the French geological survey (BRGM) on the stability of clay formations for the nuclear waste management. He gained a PhD in geochemistry from the Univ. Paris VII in 1998 after a M. Sc. in earth sciences prepared at E.N.S. in 1993 (Lyon, France). 

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