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Our Scientific Commitee has gathered some of the best papers and contents on natural hydrogen in our Bibliography. Prepare for the event with these focus on the most important research and discoveries on natural hydrogen.

Hydrogen and Abiotic Hydrocarbons: Molecules that Change the World

The origin of N2-H2-CH4-rich natural gas seepages in ophiolitic context: A major and noble gases study of fluid seepages in New Caledonia

Natürlicher Wassertoff – Ein vielversprechender Lieferant für saubere Energie

Die neue Wasserstoff – Weltwirtschaft

Discovery of a large accumulation of natural hydrogen in Bourakebougou (Mali)

New perspectives in the industrial exploration for native hydrogen

Long-term monitoring of natural hydrogen superficial emissions in a brazilian cratonic environment. Sporadic large pulses versus daily periodic emissions

Space and time distribution of subsurface H2 concentration in so-called “fairy circles”: Insight from a conceptual 2-D transport model

Hydrogen Emanations in Intracratonic Areas: New Guide Lines for Early Exploration Basin Screening

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